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Artificial Flame Resistant Boxwood Hedging Panel 50x50cm

Artificial Flame Resistant Boxwood Hedging Panel 50x50cm

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This is the perfect panel when wanting something a little more creative to add to either your home or your garden.

You can bring lively blooms to your interior and exterior in a low-maintenance fashion with this Flame Restisitance artificial boxwood hedge panel. This product is an ideal material if you want to create a beautiful wall panel with classic decoration. Or something a little more creative to add to either your garden. You can use it in hard to reach areas like an upper-level windowsill, balcony and roof terrace. It is a practical way to get that lively look without breaking your back maintain it. Or your valet keeps buying new plants.

The box hedging is both, pretty to look at and also highly durable. Our manufacturer carefully created each leaf to look as natural as possible. It has a lot of details. The base and bottom of each leaf is a deep green colour, which slowly lightens towards the tips. This creates the illusion of a healthy and thriving plant. We place small Buxus buds firmly across the panel. This finishing touch gives the impression of new growth, therefore, allowing the foliage to blend in with its natural surroundings.

This product is Flame Resistance CLass-B, which means the flame would not spread more than 150mm after 60 seconds off the lighter. It has  UV protection from factors such as discolouration and weathering effects. This UV protection will allow your artificial hedging to look its best all year round indoor and outdoor. Its climate-centric design makes this collection of artificial box hedging screening durable in an array of elemental weather, from relentless British rain to unexpected late-spring bouts of frost. At HedgedIn we provide a manufacturer UV certificate, guaranteed for 5-year indoor and 2-year outdoor. Its larger and fuller panels give you excellent quality for less!

Key Features:

  • 50 x 50 cm large hedge panel
  • UV stable for outdoor use
  • Flame Resistance
  • Offer complete solid coverage
  • Beautiful green leaves combination
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 3 cm
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