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Ruby Rhea

Flame Resistant Artificial Green Wall Hedge Panel 100 x 100cm

Flame Resistant Artificial Green Wall Hedge Panel 100 x 100cm

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HedgedIn Flame Resistant Artificial Green Wall has various leaves combined to create a luxurious look. It has dense coverage. This plastic hedge panel selects old and young leaves, adding lush grass and fern for density. Our interlocking hedge panels come as 100 x 100 cm square tiles. They are straightforward to assemble to your specific dimensions. Each SQM is shipped in two-piece of 100x50cm to economize on freight.

Today, people spray or dip the fire retardant agent then call it Fire Proved product. Unlike the counterparty, our Flame Resistant product means it. Our manufacturer mixes the retarding chemicals with the raw Polyethylene ingredients during the manufacturing process. This process ensures protection throughout the product. It will neither wash nor wear off.

Greenery brings peace and calms to an office and commercial setting. An artificial green wall is a good alternative. It saves you time and money. You need Flame Resistance Hedges to comply with Health and Safety Regulations for commercial events and public displays. Our Flame Resistance Green Wall is an excellent choice.

Even the plastic mesh backing is Fireproofed to prevent flames from spreading.

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 25 cm
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