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Maroon Asteria

Hydroponic Container Flower Pot Garden Patio ABS

Hydroponic Container Flower Pot Garden Patio ABS

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1. Click on the growth lamp and turn on the red light once. Click on it for the second time to turn on the blue light. Click on it for the third time to turn on the red and blue lights. Click on it for the fourth time to turn on all the color lights. Click on it for the fifth time to turn off all the color lights( 16 hours work + 8 hours sleep)
2. Blue and red light are growth light. Blue light can promote the growth of stems and leaves, red light is conducive to the growth of flowers and fruits( 16 hours work + 8 hours sleep)
In the process of planting, in order to avoid unsuccessful planting or unsatisfactory planting effect due to improper use, please follow the following tips and answers:
1. Fertilization/water injection hole: change every 2-3 weeks
2. Pay attention to water shortage: according to the growth habit of plants, timely supplement appropriate water for plants
3. Applicable plants: all plants
4. Nutrient solution: This product is not suitable for nutrient solutions and seeds. Please buy it by yourself and follow the nutrient solution instructions
5. Planting mode: the suitable water culture or soil culture mode can be selected according to the growth habits of plants
6. Try to keep the environment ventilated and keep the temperature of most plants within 30 ℃
7. Ensure that the product is used in the normal environment
8. Do not knock when the product is working
9. This product has no waterproof function and does not drench
10. There are high requirements for the environment in the seed germination stage, such as seed quality, environmental temperature, humidity and nutrients in the planting medium. These factors will affect the success rate of seedling, so the stage emergence is best completed under the guidance of professional companies or personnel. Suggestion: buying seedlings and transplanting can make the success rate higher.

Product size: 30.2 * 11.8 * 45.2cm
Color box size 37.2*12*14.4CM
Single net / gross weight: 730g / 980G
Product color: wood grain
Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy
Input: AC 100-240V-50/60 Hz
Output: DC12.8V/1A
Color temperature range: 5500K-6000k
Working life: ≈50000 hours

Package Content:

Pot assembly shell * 1, lamp pole * 1, typ-c charging line * 1, adapter * 1, English manual * 1, certificate * 1, nutrient soil * 1

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