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Sixty Things To Do When You Are 60

Sixty Things To Do When You Are 60

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This box contains 60 surprises, sure to delight whoever is lucky enough to receive it. The gender-neutral box contains 60 coloured envelopes, and each one holds a surprise activity. We’ll include 54 pre-printed activity cards, and six blank cards for you to fill in with ideas you know will mean the world to them.

Each envelope will inspire the recipient to try something new, or go to a place they’ve never visited before. Either way, they’re well on their way to making a whole lot of new memories. The ideas are a mix of things they can do at home, and activities that involve a night out or a day trip. They can do them with friends or family, or by themselves – the choice is theirs.

Envelope colours are chosen at random, so each box is unique, and also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.

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